Chosen Cover Reveal

Guys, I can’t even explain how insane life is….you all deal with it, too, I’m sure. I’m not the best blogger – I post more regularly on Facebook. BUT, I’m posting the cover for Chosen today…it’s beautiful – sexy, dark, sexy, edgy, sexy (sense a theme?)….Anticipated release date is January 3, 2014. Barring any craziness, I’ll upload on the 2nd and hopefully it will be live on the 3rd.

So, here it is…the beautiful cover done by the impeccable Regina Wamba from MaeIDesign:



Covers, Synopsis, and Bears – Oh MY!!!

Ok, there’s no bears here…but the other two?! Yes!!

I’m so freaking close to releasing Chosen, you guys….I mean, I’m really really close. I finalized the cover for Chosen and I’m so freaking excited….it’s dark, sexy, dangerous….everything Cal is. I have final edits and then a beta reading and then I’ll be ready to upload it….It’s been almost a year in the making and I’m a little overwhelmed by how close it is.

I’m also hard at work on three (yes THREE) other works-in-progress. I’m really hitting hard on one in particular because I’m doing Nano (which is short for NaNoWriMo, which is short for National Novel Writing Month – where you write 50,000 words in one month). I’m such a slow writer that I’m using Nano as a kick in the ass to get me going on something I’d wanted to start anyway. It’s a borderline New Adult/Adult Contemporary….I’m debating on titles right now…it’s either The Ride or Good As Gold. Here’s what it’s about:

Charlotte Addison is one of the darlings of the equine show jumping world. Her entire life has been pointed directly towards the Olympics. After an accident causes her to miss her first chance, she re-focuses on the upcoming Games. Charlie’s mother, Alexis Covington, is even more determined that her daughter wins the Olympic glory denied to her over twenty years ago.

Jake McEnroy has a life that leaves no time for romance. He is a full-time veterinary student and works full-time on his mother’s horse farm. After his father left to start a new life with his younger, much more wealthy new wife, it’s all Jake and his mother, Leah, can do to scrape by. They are finally starting to reap the financial rewards from doing what they love. When Leah agrees to help train Charlie and her horse Sam for the next Olympic cycle, they both realize that this is an opportunity to put their small farm on the international map.

Jake and Charlotte are immediately intrigued by and attracted to each other. But they know, they KNOW, that they can’t afford to mess up their lives with a romantic relationship. They have goals, dreams, commitments – and no time to devote to their personal lives. But as Jake and Charlie spend more and more time together, they realize that, sometimes, life may give you what you need, even if it may not be exactly what you think you want…

Side note: I’ve always LOVED horses – I used to work on a farm when I was younger (I never jumped, though – I only rode for fun). When I was young (like 8-12) and would write my little stories, they were always – ALWAYS – about horses. So this one is especially sweet and dear to me. Jake and Charlie are good people – he’s not a bad boy, she’s not a bad girl….they are surrounded by a cast of characters – and I mean that literally and figuratively – wait until you meet Nicki, Adam, Tracker, and Violet….

I’m working on getting cover design started with the WIPs I’ve got going….as of now, I’ve got three releases planned before end of summer next year – which is just insanity.

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I have yet to tackle Twitter…..because I’m scared. I’m debating a Pinterest page, but I’m so lazy, haha. I’ll get there…maybe….


I suck at updates….

Yes, I am AWFUL at updating this blog. I’m sorry. But I barely find time to write what with the kids actually needing to eat and all. Anyway, this is just a quick pop-in to update on where I am with all the WIP I’ve got going on. So…here we go 🙂


The Chosen – Book #1 of The Chosen Chronicles (expected publication is December 2013)

*I’m waiting on the cover and I’m finishing up edits on this one. It’ll go out for beta-reading soon and as soon as all those are done, I’m uploading this baby. **Squee!!**

Forsaken – Book #2 of The Chosen (expected publication is Spring 2014)

*I’m writing this mama now and she’s coming along slowly.  I’m not the fastest writer and I’m meticulous about edits (or try to be) so the process just takes me a bit. I think middle books in a series are always a bitch because the story can’t really climax but you still have to have it go somewhere! I know how this book ends, but getting there is the issue.

Untitled Stand-Alone (expected publication is early Spring/Summer 2014)

*This is my take on the bad girl/good boy story. My muses for my (very flawed) heroine are Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears (um, yes, from their Hot Mess years). Don’t panic – LiLo and Brit-Brit are the inspirations, not the models for this character, if that makes sense. The backdrop for this story is Las Vegas. I’ll have an official blurb for this one soon 🙂

Untitled Stand-Alone (expected publication is late Spring/Summer 2014)

*This one is going to take a look at one of my childhood loves – the world of equine sports, specifically show jumping. I never competed, but I was horse crazy and worked in a barn for several years as a pre-teen/young teen. Loved every second. So this story follows Charlie (Charlotte) and Jake as they navigate their very different roles in the show jumping world.


I have yet another story bumping around but my brain is pretty much full with these four right now. Blurbs for the three WIP will come soon. I’m also going to get covers going sooner on the three WIP so I can get the process going quicker. I think if I’d initiated the cover sooner and it had been done, I would have published already. I’m sort of sitting on The Chosen until I get the first cover proof….can’t really move forward without it so I’m taking my time and really letting the story marinate in my head.

Anyway, I’m so excited at what the next year will bring. I’ve learned so much this year and I’m just enjoying it all.


Time Flies…

Wow…it’s been almost a month since my last post. I’ve been uber-busy with ‘real’ world stuff like kids, kids’ sports, getting kids ready for school, etc.

I am working on what I hope is the final edit of The Chosen before I send it out for beta. I’m also anxiously awaiting the first cover draft. My hopeful release date of September is not looking like September anymore….now I’m shooting for end of October.

I’m eye-ball deep in writing my NA contemporary romance as well. I just can’t let these two characters go….they talk to me constantly. Which is GOOD, but not so good because I’m ignoring edits on The Chosen as well as the first draft of the follow-up to that, which is titled Forsaken. So I’m juggling three WIP, three kids and their schooling and sports, a husband, and a pug. Yes, the pug is that important, too…as I like to say “I didn’t choose the Pug Life, the Pug Life chose me.”

When the Muse strikes…

So – I’m done (I think) with The Chosen. I just have one final read-through and then waiting on cover design and then we are good to go!

I’ve started the second book in the series, which is tentatively titled Forsaken. The second book will be darker, edgier, sexier…or that’s the plan, anyway. haha. Poor Cal is in for some rough times, bless his heart. I’m hoping that this is out by the end of the year…again, that’s the plan!

I’ve also started a completely different new project, as well. It’s a contemporary NA/Adult romance and it has a bad girl/good boy vibe. It’s a one-and-done story and I’m excited to write it. It’s set in Las Vegas and I’m already in love with Jack (my good boy). I’m hoping to have this one out by the beginning of next year.

I have another work bumping around in my head, but it’s not quite speaking to me yet….and that’s fine with me! I’ve got enough going for right now.

I have to say…when I made my 2013 New Year Resolution to actually write a novel to completion after almost 20 years of waiting and procrastination, I never EVER expected to have one in the can, two well on their way, and another one waiting in the wings before the year was out. No matter what, it’s just felt so damn good to get these words out on paper…

Here’s what it’s all about…

Hey all!

I’m a day late with my synopsis, but with three kids and a FT job sometimes life just kicks my ass. Anyway, here’s the official explanation about my novel.

It’s called The Chosen and it’s the first in a planned trilogy – I know, I KNOW people are tired of continuing stories but there isn’t a cliffhanger in this one and I PROMISE I have a few stand alones in mind for the future. I think it’s pretty hard to wrap up a paranormal story in one novel….I don’t know why that is, but it just seems that way….maybe because the world-building has to be so big and there are usually so many inter-connecting arcs. But anyway, here’s the official blurb:

Cal Reynolds has always been “special.” He comes from a long line of Hunters – a group of humans gifted with exceptional strength, speed, and magical ability. The Hunters’ purpose is to protect the world from demons from the Underworld. But even among this select group, Cal stands out.

 When his strained relationship with his father causes Cal to leave the Hunters, a series of events is set in motion that causes him to discover secrets about himself, his family, and his future that he could never have imagined. In the midst of trying to decipher the pieces left from this chaos, Cal reconnects with Gabrielle Morgan, the only girl he’s ever loved, after a nearly seven year estrangement.

 But Cal is Chosen – and that has far reaching ramifications, not only on himself but on those he loves as well. When Cal is faced with the ultimate deception, he begins to realize that he will need to choose where his loyalties, and his love, lie….and the seduction of darkness is almost overwhelmingly alluring…

I loved the idea of this novel when I started writing it because it was mostly from Cal’s POV. He likes to curse (A. Lot.) and his thought process can be pretty funny. I enjoyed him in this novel immensely. I hope you like him, too.

I’ll be rolling out teasers in the next few weeks and a cover reveal is planned (hopefully) for the end of August/early September.

On a side note: Is it hot as hell where you all are at, too? I’m dying here….

The PRESSURE of the first post!!!

Hey all,

I’m so glad you found me! This post is causing me all kinds of crazy stress because it’s the FIRST POST and I’m scared I’m gonna F it up. So…here goes…be gentle.

After being completely in love with reading and writing my entire life and after many (way too mother-loving many) aborted attempts at novel writing in the past, I’ve taken the plunge!

This may be a long post – sorry (ok, I’m not THAT sorry) 🙂 I’m going to introduce myself a little and give a little info about the novel I have coming out soon and other works in progress that will follow.

My first novel, The Chosen, will release soon – probably late August/early September. I’m so excited to be doing what I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do, which is: WRITE.

The advent of self-publishing is an amazing and beautiful thing for writers like myself…it’s also super hard and daunting. But I’ve loved every. single. minute. Seriously. I’ve read more self-pubbed books in the last year or two than traditional pubbed books (although I DO have some fav traditionally pubbed authors that I just cannot miss!) and I think it’s incredible that those who would never have had the outlet to tell their stories have found this one.

A little about me: I’m a wife, mother, pug-owner. Yes, the last is VERY important! I am addicted to coffee – seriously, I drink it all day and night…but that has NOTHING to do with the fact that I get very little sleep – N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I have a full-time office job, in addition to wife-ing and mother-ing full-time. My husband works nights and so often it’s just be holding the reins of this crazy rodeo. I have lots of stories bumping around in my head – paranormal-ish romance, contemporary romance, romance romance…ok, I made that last one up. I love smart-ass characters and think that all characters should have at least one thing about them that pisses you off….because, let’s face it, we all love our significant others but isn’t there ONE thing (ok, maybe more than one) that just TICKS. YOU. OFF. about them? Yep, that’s what I mean. Fiction is a great escape, but there should be some grounding in reality, too…that’s what I’m going for, even during the paranormal novels.

My first novel is in the New Adult Paranormal genre – but there are no vampires, werewolves, zombies or anything like that. Maybe I’ll get there eventually, but not with this one. There ARE angels and demons and witches/warlocks. It’s written from a first person male POV. The next post will be more about this novel, the main characters, the official blurb, and maybe even a teaser….

The next post will be perhaps later today but no later than tomorrow…in the meantime, CONTACT ME! You can email me at: or find me on Facebook (here’s the link: I’m working on Twitter and Goodreads and I’ll update with that ASAP.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share with/hear from you!